Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Inherent in any Code of Conduct are basic but highly ethical principles, which are to be reflected in the actions, attitude and motivations of all members.
This Code of Conduct is presented as a guideline for members whose principle goal shall be the protection, welfare and responsible promotion of the West Highland White Terrier (WHWT) breed in accordance with the standard as set forth by the Canadian Kennel Club.
Membership in the WHWT Club of Western Canada automatically obligates a member to abide by the principles of this code.

1. Provide their WHWT with appropriate housing, food, mental stimulation, exercise and health care at all times.
2. Willingly undertake the task of promoting, educating and encouraging all newcomers to the world of the purebred WHWT regardless of their interest either as a pet-owner, an exhibitor, at event trials or as a breeder. The welfare of the breed will be in their hands in the future.
3. Members will not maliciously slander other members nor seek to impair the reputation of other breeders. However, they must report any serious situation that is detrimental to the breed or is inconsistent with the principles of the WHWT OF WC.
4. Members will maintain the confidentiality of privileged information and avoid activities which constitute a real or perceived conflict of interest, or detract from the integrity of the Club.

1. Member breeders will strive to conform to the CKC WHWT breed standard to improve progeny and to reduce faults to a minimum.
2. Healthy spacing between litters will be a priority and unspayed bitches will be protected from unplanned matings. Bitches will in no case be bred before their second heat or before they are at least 12 months of age, whichever comes first, nor be placed at risk by an unreasonable number of Caesarean sections and then only with the concurrence of a veterinarian.
3. Stud service will only be offered to or received from stock registered within a CKC recognized Club or registering body. All breeding stock should be healthy and mature, of sound temperament, and be free of serious congenital and hereditary defects. Stud service will be refused for any mating that is considered not to be in the best interest of the breed.

4. Prior to breeding, owners of studs and bitches will adequately screen for both infectious and hereditary diseases, using current techniques as well as those developed in the future. Breeders selling puppies or offering stud services from lines in which any serious or disabling hereditary defects occur should disclose the possibility of such defects to potential clients.
5. Member breeders will refer potential puppy purchasers to other reputable breeders and be helpful and courteous to those who request information about the breed.
6. Member breeders will advertise only in a professional manner and will not refer to membership in any attempt to enhance integrity or quality of stock. Altered photographs that may mislead will not be published.
7. Member breeders will assist any client that needs to place a pup or adult that originated with the breeder, if the breeder cannot take the animal back at that time.

1. Members will comply with CKC rules concerning record keeping, registration, identification, and the sale and transfer of dogs.
2. All contract terms and conditions will be reduced to writing and members will honour such obligations.
3. Every effort will be made to ensure that any puppy or dog will not be sold by, to or through any agent, pet store, commercial breeding establishment, other dog business or unethical/disreputable breeder. Puppies, dogs and stud services will not be offered as a prize in any raffle, draw, contest or lottery of any kind whatsoever.
4. Prospective buyers will be screened as thoroughly as possible to determine their intent, as well as their ability and interest in providing a safe, adequate, loving environment and a long-term relationship with a puppy or adult dog.
5. All puppies and dogs offered for sale will be CKC registered and comply with CKC regulations; and will be sold with written sales agreements to include clear terms and conditions and be signed by the seller and buyer. The contract will request that the seller be contacted in the event that at any time the owner is unable to keep the dog, it will be the obligation of the seller to assist in the placement of the dog in question.
6. Purchasers will be required to adhere to the CKC non-breeding contract and neuter/spay all puppies sold as pets. A certificate or receipt of spaying or neutering issued by a certified veterinarian for services rendered will be delivered to the seller.
7. All puppies leaving (their breeder) will be a minimum of 8 weeks of age to facilitate adequate socialization as well as appropriate emotional and temperament development through interaction with siblings, the dam and other dogs. At time of placement, all puppies will have had a veterinary check up, or one will be required within 72 hours of purchase, and be up to date on recommended inoculations.

8. Member breeders will provide puppy buyers with written details on feeding, general care, dates and types of inoculations as well as dates of wormings, grooming instructions, etc, and be available to offer future advice as needed.

1. Animals recently exposed to the risks of infectious diseases and bitches with nursing whelp will not be exhibited in shows or any performance events.
2. Dogs being shown will be presented clean and properly groomed according to the standard. Exhibitor members will not alter a dog’s natural appearance except as provided in the CKC WHWT breed standard Members are responsible for the proper presentation of their dogs for the show ring regardless of who is handling the dog.
3. Members realize that they represent the dog fancy in general and the breed specifically to the general public. Members will act in a professional and good sportsmanlike manner at all times and will respect the rules of hotels/motels, and other show/event sites and of all show/event sponsors.

1. Every member of the WHWTC of Western Canada will be required to sign an acceptance of the Code of Conduct upon application and to renew acceptance annually with membership renewal and/or at such time that the Code of Conduct is reviewed and modified.
2. Breach of any of the above items may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of membership.

West Highland White Terrier Club of Western Canada

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